Thursday, April 28, 2011

Writer's Retreat Project Compositions- Final Outcome

plan + key plan of writer's retreat

Circulation Plan of how people navigate through the space

Public space perspective (showing the use of cooler color palate and specs of warm color) + glass paneling
Private space perspectives of the kitchen and bedroom (showing warmer color + flow to the reflection room and hallways)

Section A-A + Section D-D

Section B-B + Section C-C

For the last project of First year, we were to design a space for a Writer's Retreat. The location for this space is the St. Mary's House on the corner of Walker Ave. and Tate St. in Greensboro, NC. This building is placed in an historic district, therefore historic preservation rules and regulations must not be broken. The building first used as another church for the girls of UNCG when it was first founded so to not get dirt on their dresses, is now a community center welcoming all individuals no matter what religion they may have. For this space, being transformed into a Writer's Retreat, I chose to hold the concept of creating the separation of private and public space through the use of materials and color. I also created flow throughout the space. This is a space where a writer can feel at home and still enjoy having public readings, conferences, and meeting at the same time. Its flexibility and storage, and flow makes the space usable for its purpose.

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