Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dining Space Project Compositions- The Final Outcome

Front, Side view of Table

Front, Side view of Sideboard

Axonometric of Dining Space + Circulation diagram

Plan of Dining Space + section of the space

Perspective of Dining Space + materials/objects used in the space

In designing a dining space for a national "no hunger" holiday, I chose to create a space that focuses on the table (the center of the space where eating and perhaps food hunger stops). In achieving this I chose to make the space an octagon shape with a window on the East wall to allow morning light to shine on the table. I placed a fireplace across that on the west wall to represent the sunset and the warm glow it gives off. On the North part of the dining space is the entrance which leads one to the sideboard which holds the food for the occasion. Lastly, on the south wall is a glass panel window so that the diners can enjoy the outdoor view and share it with their company from another country. A hanging light sculpture in the shape of a circle hangs from the ceiling in the center of the table to correlate with the oval base of the dining table as well as giving the table "center attention" and making it the focal point. This dining space holds seating for seven individuals and for the people on the projection screen.

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