Thursday, January 12, 2012

My 6x6 name & object card

An object that appropriately best represents me as a designer is an antique sign. Antique signs represent my heritage and the roots in which I grew up; growing up in a small country town where everyone kept the old soda shop alive. Antique signs advertise a product (I want my design advertised.) and represent our past ( I want my designs to last and represent the time period I am designing in). They also show us the everyday important things in life most people take for granted. ( I want to make those little things stand out.) They are made of a variety of materials ( I use multiple materials when I design.) and seen in a variety of places. ( I want my design to spread to many places.) The colors on the signs are bold and bright, but get a rustic look through time. ( What I design will look new at first, but through time will begin to take a worn look like all other things in life.) But most of all antique signs help us represent America and what we stand for as a country. They help us remember our past and put comfort in our hearts. ( I want to be an American designer and I want my clients to feel comfort in the places I create for them.)    The cultural look to this object would be that most people consider antique signs as a memory of the past, an antique, something that has value to it. It is also seen as being a type of decor for specific areas and locations. As a subcultural object it is seen as something that will make profit, that will help advertise, and that will be needed for society by those creating the signs.