Thursday, April 28, 2011

Comparison Composition (Fallingwater vs. Monticello) Field Trip Observations

In my comparison drawing I am trying to convey the difference in the exterior, the use of materials, landscape, and the horizontal/verticality difference.

As one can see, Fallingwater is centered around the use of cantilevers. In emphasizing this idea and concept, Frank Lloyd Wright uses horizontals to his benefit. He makes the stones on the building thin and horizontal as well as making the terraces horizontal.

Monticello however has more of a vertical concept. In looking at the columns near the doors and entrances and the tall narrow windows surrounding the building our eyes move upward rather than across and that in fact leads us to look at the famous dome atop the structure.

For materials we see the difference in the two building in that Fallingwater has used stone and concrete where as Monticello uses brick. Also, in looking at the nature surrounding the two building we see that Fallingwater is surrounded by a waterfall which runs through the building and is incorporated in the house design as well (one example is the flooring). At Monticello, mountains and trees surround it making it an acceptable plantation like building.

Through this comparison drawing one can see these differences and understand how not only the buildings differ but are the same through the thought process and concept.

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