Monday, April 25, 2011

IAR221- Blog Post #14- My object, space, building, + place

In pondering on me as a designer, I begin to realize what influences me and the work I do. Design influences me in several ways. Perhaps it in fact influences everyone in some way. Whether it is just by using the designed object, space, building, or place or by gaining knowledge and feeling through it, everyone is influenced by design. Design envelopes and covers the world in which we live. It is everywhere to be seen and is in everything we do. On furthering this thought I chose an object, space, building, and place that I feel best represent me as a designer, what in fact influences me the most, and what inspires me to be a designer and take risks.


The LEGO block

The lego block is the object that best influences and describes me as a designer. Its being "nothing and turning into something" intrigues my mind. I love how every time you go to build something it is always different than the time before; you can never get it to be the exact same. It plays with ones creativity and thoughtfulness in decision making. Anything built with them turns into a magnificent masterpiece, whether it be structurally built or a bundled mess. It allows one to create design even if they don't consider themselves a designer. I love how it takes adding "parts together to make a whole". It is by the combination and joining together and the thoughtfulness of which ones are to be matched together that makes them so remarkable and design worthy.


Jason de Caires Taylor's Underwater Sculpture

Taylor's Underwater sculpture is located in a space one would never believe. Its mystery and suspense, as well as its embodyment into the earth and allowing nature to form and fit into it makes this space, one all must see. Its uniqueness and the qualities above make it design worthy. It inspires me and pushes me to realize to think out of the box. Just because something is typically seen another way, does not mean that it can not be done another. Taking everyday objects, or things we take for granted and moving it to a location where it would be seen unfit actually can work. I believe that purpose went into this decision. Perhaps it is to represent all the lives lost in the ocean and deep waters and their life under the water; almost "afterlife" like. It is like the fish and sea creatures begin to nurture and feed them to give them life and purpose.


The buildings of Dubai (Hydropolis underwater hotel + Dubai opera house)

The buildings of Dubai have such meaning, purpose, form, flow, and uniqueness, that each one holds its own favorable use. What intrigues me the most about these buildings is the use of the nature around them in designing them. They easily attach to the landscape as if they were meant to be there. It is coincidental that these buildings that take a nature approach actually sit on an island that was man made with natural resources (sand, etc). Or perhaps it was meant to be that way. Everything about the buildings imply nature and the future. I am inspired by this incorporation of nature and the literal approach taken. Yet, though it is this way, the buildings still look like something new that we have never seen before, yet we actually have seen such things similar. It reminds me that a designer can take anything they see and make it their own, even the natural things found on earth.


The Blue Ridge Parkway and the Viaduct

When thinking of a place that would best represent what inspires me as an individual and a designer, the blue ridge parkway and the viaduct came to mind. I love nature, the mountains and the serenity and calmness it has. As a designer, I feel like the viaduct on the mountain. I curve in and out of mountains and obstacles that come my way. It is by the ups and downs that one learns and accomplishes design. Sometimes it is through the mistakes that great design comes. This place encourages me to take risks, jump away from the mountain, and hold onto it when necessary. Its beauty is added to by the changing of the seasons and the cars that detour it and take it for a ride.

These four things represent where I am as a designer, what influences me and inspires me, and what makes the things I design the way they are. Without these 4 things, i am not sure where my design career may be. This is my objects, spaces, buildings, and places, and who I am.

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