Friday, April 29, 2011

Theory Reading #5

Writings/books/websites on architecture that I feel are interesting and an asset to further learning.

1. Architectural Graphic Standards by Ramsey/Sleeper

This book is very valuable to any architect, Interior designer, and Contractor. What makes this book so helpful is the material and information found within the book. In this book one can find dimensions for everything one can think of in the home, or any building. In designing spaces, like we have done with the dining space project and the writer's retreat project, a book like this becomes extremely helpful. Another reason this book is my first pick is because my father had the first edition when he was in school. It was handed down to me when I chose to major in Interior Architecture. Though that book is old, I still love to look at it and compare it to the newer additions. It allows me to see how things change over time and a move through history.

2. Color Drawing by Michael E. Doyle 2nd edition

This is a great book when practicing, learning, and producing color drawing and in the rendering process. It goes through everything from the different color choices and tones of gray to each step to create something the way you want. It is great to use when trying to achieve giving life to your renderings. It tells you each step to take to make a drawing as well as giving pictures to show you along the way. It is a great book for any designer and even drawer.

3. 101 things I learned in Architecture School by Matthew Frederick

This book is great for any Architecture student because it gives one guidance on everything an architect needs to know. It starts from the basics of how to draw a line and goes all the way to color theory, presentation, and the creative process. It allows one to see what all will be expected of them and give them knowledge and encouragement to try to advance on their own during school breaks. I recommend this book to anyone who is in school learning architecture or design and especially starting in their first year.

Quotes that inspire:

"An architect is the drawer of dreams." Grace McGarvie

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