Monday, January 17, 2011

New Header for the New Semester

For my first drafting assignment for the semester, I was asked to create a new header for my desk and blog that showed who I am as a designer. In just starting to figure out exactly who I am as a designer, lots of thoughts flooded my mind. When I think of the aspects and qualities that make me the designer I am as well as inspire me to design the things I do, here is what came to mind: structure, form, unity, uniqueness, creativity, new, interest, travel, roundness,  my "stamp"/fingerprint on life. My design is what I leave behind for others to use, enjoy, and have to strengthen and improve their way of life. In thinking about design, I become inspired by things I see when I travel. When traveling, I am able to see various forms of design in different cultures. Through this exploration of travel I am able to take the multiple designs and creations from others and combine them in my head to create something of my own. When visually designing in my head (based off the things I see when traveling) I tend to focus on structure and form of the objects I see. I also want structure and form to be in what it is that I design. I also want unity in my designs. I tend to make my work be unique, out of the ordinary, and unified.

For this designed header I chose to design it showing these things. In thinking about travel, structure, form, and unity, while keeping my creative spirit alive, I chose to design a traveling header. As a symbol of my use of structure I chose to incorporate the Eiffel Tower. For my "stamp" on life as well as wanting my design to be one that various cultures and parts of the world can use and enjoy I incorporated stamps on the right. I placed them on the right so that it is like a lettered stamp you mail (it moves to new locations). The uniquely designed circles in the background are to represent unity and creativity. Lastly, the round postal stamp is used as a location for my class information because a round postal stamp is something that tells the viewer of the mail slip something that is important; to me this class is important and is the purpose of this header as well as where I am now in my design traveling experience. I hope that you are able to see that this header is me as a designer.

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