Sunday, January 23, 2011

Light Box- Defining 4 spaces of light

For our first project in Studio this semester, we were to create a box with dimensions : 12x12x18 with one of the 12x12 sides left open. We were then instructed to make slits in the box and try to divide the box into four distinct places/spaces of light. My idea and execution for this project was to make the box have the most minimal slits possible. I made a small scale model which had removal tops so I could try out several ideas. In my final idea I have one slit at the top at an angle. This slit is a triangle shape. To make four distinct spaces I chose to use two light sources. One light source (my desk lamp) is places laying parallel to my box on the same table. This light is warm so it makes an orange tint inside the box. The other light is a cool light source and is positioned right above the crack at the top of my box. The two structures (bristol board) inside the box are used to divide the light sources as well as let the light spaces stand out. A scale figure was also added for the viewer to get an idea as to what scale this building would be in.

Scale model used in processing ideas and thoughts

Scale model tops of the box with measurements

scale figure and view of inside the right section of the final box

light box in day light and with natural light going in it

light box with light sources on it. The four sections of light are visible

picture 2 of inside light box
picture 3

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