Monday, January 31, 2011

Theory Reading #1- Manifesto about design and its process

Design and its process is often defined as making or working out a plan for; to devise; the act of working out the form of something; an arrangement scheme; a decorative or artistic work. Design is and can be all of these definitions, but for me I believe design stands for much more. For this blog post we were to read a few articles in Designerly Ways of Knowing, by Nigel Cross and What Designers Know, by Bryan Lawson. Before reading these I had an assumption and predetermination of what design was, but I had not fully thought of what all design really is. While reading these articles, I discovered that all the little tasks I complete in studio is in fact designing and the steps to designing; it is not just the finished product that makes design. It was at this realization that I found my own manifesto about design.

I define design as a form of talent a human gains at birth, or obtains through practice. Designing can be accomplished by pupils of any age, but the intensity and depth of the design may differ. Design is something that persuades, explores, develops, a thought process, reflects, is intricate, and well crafted.

As one is designing, often they start with an idea that pops inside their head after they are persuaded by something. For others it's exploring different places and objects. Some people also design things because they are forced to design based off a given rubric in a specific time. But, no matter what the circumstance is, every single design is special and made for a purpose. Every design and process towards that design is delicate and worthy. One cannot just take their idea or their assignment and make it happen immediately. Perhaps some do get lucky at times and do not have to take as many steps to the final product, but this is very rare. Designing is a process and through this process designers will explore new methods, experiment with different ways of doing things, use different media and get persuaded by others. Through these steps and frequent turning of events, a designer will reflect on what they had achieved or failed and decide what is necessary for the final steps.

In creating the final masterpiece, a designer will work intricately and carefully to make the product in the best and most well crafted way possible to achieve their invention.

Because all of these small steps are necessary to achieve a design, I believe designing and its process is hard work and that it should be honored by everyone. For if design and its process did not exist or there were no designers to design things for the future where would our world be today or in the future to come? Would we still have the light bulb, electricity, computers, or a cell phone?

Design is a necessity for life. It is what makes this world functional and livable. Without designers we would not have the luxuries we have today. Design keeps the world new, fresh, and lively. It is our world.

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