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IAr221- Blog Post #3 Taking a look at UNCG through ten idea principles

For this weeks blog post we are to take the ten idea principles discussed in class with the Acropolis and Xianyang Palace and apply them to our campus here at UNCG. Here is what I HYPOTHESIZE:

1. Space

In thinking about the space of UNCG, the following words come to mind: enclosed, honored, and reserved. If you take a look at the campus entrances here at UNCG, one would get a since that the campus is enclosed and has a barrier surrounding it. What makes one fill this way is the implied barrier the campus has through the brick walls on either side of the four entrances. This space is reserved for those who have come here to learn and receive higher education. Though one can drive through campus, this barrier shows that reverence for the ones who are actually attending the university. The space of this campus is also honored by the surrounding area as well as people because of its history and purpose. The space also honors all the alumni, the Womens College of North Carolina as well as the founder, Charles Duncan McIver.

2. Power

When thinking about power associated with the university, I hypothesize that power is having a better education. If one thinks about it, someone who applies for a job with a college degree against someone who does not, will more than likely receive the job. It is similar to the hierarchy of the Egyptian pyramids; the higher your education, the higher your ranking and your pay will be. Therefore, the people who attend college at this campus will more than likely be recieving a higher power than someone who does not. That does not mean to not consider other universities because they too help people receive these "powers". But, in looking at statistics and ratings, UNCG is said to be a "Best Value college", as well as one of the most diverse campus' around.

Power of UNCG is also represented in the statues of Minerva and Charles McIver. Minerva represents power in wisdom, intellegence, learning, and discipline of war. Charles McIver represents power in founding the campus as well as knowledge.

3. Experience

There is a ton to relate to experience here at UNCG. When first looking at experience represented here at the university I think of dorm life and being away from home. This campus represents a new start and a new beginning and faze of your life. Ones experience here will be with them forever. This is evident in the Alumni house. Due to peoples experiences here when they attended, they would like to still contribute and give back to the university as well as be a part of it. This campus is something that will give us experiences that will be with us forever. Another example of experience on campus is the graduate sidewalk through the park. It is here that we as students and faculty can walk over and see the names of those impacted through experience here at uncg through there completion of studies and graduation from the university. By walking this sidewalk and seeing the names, we are gaining an experience ourselves before we come to that part of our journey.

4. Principles

When thinking about principles I think of beliefs and purpose of the campus. Some of these are "School comes first" and "A student should devote so many hours to their studies a week". These beliefs are some of the principles here on campus and this is evident in all the areas devoted to student learning, especially the library, the campus meals to go, and the writing center.

5. Precedent

In thinking of precedents in relation to campus I think of campus protection and location. UNCG is located in the city which has a lot around it, however based off the layout and ways of protection, one can feel safe here on campus. This is shown through the campus' overall design.

6. Site

The site of campus is in Greensboro, NC. It is located close to the downtown area, but is not in downtown, making it convenient yet home like. The campus takes pride in its site in showing Greensboro in the name of the school as well as on the signs around campus. Pictures inside some of the buildings also show this dedication and pride in its site.

7. Order

Order of the UNCG campus is to help harmonize the area and yet make it serious. That is when looking at the campus layout, buildings, etc. This is also seen in the ranking of student classification; seniors have a higher classification than freshmen. Order of the campus also often suggests that one, "complete this to do that" approach. An example of this approach in order is having prerequisites for classes. A way this campus has used order is by making each specific school have its own unique building, especially designed for them. We see this in the School of Education building and the Stone Building (HES).

8. Scale

UNCG has a wide scale in my mind. Scaling of building and the school has changed over the years. It started off as one building and now has well over 50 on 210 acres. Not only is the scale of the buildings changed, but also in what the school offers in learning. UNCG now offers over 100 undergraduate degrees, 61 masters, and 26 doctorate degrees. Students also come from farther away than ever before. UNCG has a diverse population of students coming from 46 states and 90 countries. This campus has went out of the actual land scale to a global scale, making their name known to the world.

9. Technology

Technology on the UNCG campus is everywhere. It is in students pockets, backpacks, in the food court, computer labs, the library, the lighting in and out of buildings as well in the architecture surrounding the school. In taking a look at the first building built on campus to the newest one being built today, one can see that technology has risen to new and greater heights. Newer buildings on campus now offer more steel beams and glass windows, which brings us to the next idea of surface.

10. Surface

In looking at the surfaces of the buildings on campus, one can see the changes of time. The oldest builing (Foust 1891) is made of brick, has old pane windows, and a more gothic style approach to it. The newest builings being built today (The new Education Building and new dormitory) show steel beams, glass windows, and a more modern style. Surface of the campus will and has continued to change over the years.

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