Thursday, February 24, 2011

Working Model for Dining Space project

Here is the model created to help represent the current dining room I am designing. The space is in the shape of an octagon, but with its own twist. The emphasis of axis is used greatly in my design, focusing on the intersection of this importnat part. Windows help bring in lighting and a fireplace is added to emphasize the axis and represent the sunset that takes place behind it, bringing the orange tints and shades into the room giving warmth. The table is surrounded by chairs on three sides, leaving one open for the connecting of the other countries family table through the projection screen. For seating, a Eames swivel chair will be used.

looking towards the west at the direction of the sun.

looking down as if it were in plan

view through eastern window

I am currently working on adding a stepping of windows on the back wall to help bring more circulation and roundness to the room and emphasize the entrance and exit. I will then be working on making a ceiling for the model which will show the oval indention above the table.

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