Sunday, February 27, 2011

IAR221- Blog Post #7

Architecture of happiness in my eyes is architecture that helps guide one softly through a place where there are things like objects, lighting, etc. that the viewer prefers. If one is looking for a quiet place to relax,then a spa, coffee shop, or relaxation room would make them happy. However, if one is wanting to be outdoors to workout, or a rec center for instance, then perhaps they would not be happy, but rather miserable and upset. Therefore, architecture in terms of happiness is based off of the humans needs and wants. This is a rule when it comes to architecture and design, because without this then the purpose for making architecture would be dead. The people who are wanting a particular space needs to have that space produced to meet their needs and make them happy, but if a space is created without taking into consideration what the client wants, needs, or desires the purpose is not met.

For my happy place found on campus, I chose Starbucks. Starbucks is a happy environment where I can relax because it is where I go to escape from homework, to get warm when I am cold, and relax and catch up with friends. This place, not only has the wonderful aroma of coffee, but warm lighting, and relaxing music. Their sofas and booths make it comfortable to sit in as well. I feel that the designers and architects that designed Starbucks took this "happiness" factor into consideration and the outcome was well achieved.

For my happy space, I chose the interactive screen place in the EUC near the multicultural center. This interactive space is one where children, college students, even older adults can take a break from their busy lives and schedules and play and "act young again". It also allows people to enjoy and be happy about technology. Sometimes people can get frustrated with the advancement of technology and this space allows them to "reenjoy" it again. Not only does this place help one do this, but to feel a sort of accomplishment and competitiveness as well. This is by collecting the pebbles that drop. Perhaps competing with yourself  to catch more each time, or against a friend or accompaning partner. These reasons are why I chose this space. I believe the designer who had this in mind for our campus achieved making this a happy place and somewhere where a college student can act like a kid again.

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