Thursday, February 24, 2011

Theory Reading #3 Social Ecology

In reading this weeks theory reading, Social Ecology, I was able to gain a better understanding and knowledge of the way people interact socially based off of their relationships with the people around them.

Group is defined as any number of entities considered as a unit. Social is defined as living together or enjoying life in communities or organized groups. Therefore a social group would be a number of entities considered as a unit that are enjoying life in communities.

In seeing these definitions we know that a group consists of more than one individual and these interaction of being social is by having these groups of people.

In relating the information in this reading and these definitions to my dining project and the space I have designed this is what I think relates the most:

In first looking at relations to my dining space, one of the most important things is life space. Life space are all forces that affect the individual at a given moment. So, the space of dining will affect the individual. How does one make that affect positive and meaningful? Taking into consideration of the space as a whole will affect the way the individual interact with one another as well as how they feel about each other. But, before looking on how the individuals interact, we find that about 71% of all groups, both informal and work groups contain only two individuals. Through this we learn that most groups are only two people, but when people dine, they often dine in groups. Groups of eight to ten hardly have one complete conversation like two individuals unless a structural activity is involved. So when dining, we have to consider that there may be just one conversation, multiple, or both. The way people sit affects this, and tells one how their relationship is. So, we as designers need to know when designing a space, how well the people inside it will know one another. Based off that knowledge, a designer will place chairs certain distances and directions from each other, as well as the shapes of the tables if included. Through knowledge of peoples relationships, the reasons for the room, and the definitions of group and social, we can create any space (even dining) more informed and suited for the ones using it.

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