Sunday, February 20, 2011

IAR221- Reading Response #6- The Great Helicoidal


For this reading response, I decided to create a double sided board that focused on the Great Mosque at Samarra, especially the minaret at this place. The wondrous structure itself has not only taught me about architecture in the 800 CE, but has also helped me link our first unit on FOUNDATIONS to the unit of REVERBERATIONS. I hope that through my information and pictures provided on this board, you will gain the knowledge and understanding that I have through this structure. It is a wonderful asset to our world, our planet, and to the brains that hold our knowledge.

Front of Board- The stacking of information of the Great Mosque at Samarra

Topics from bottom of minaret to top:
1. Silence
2. The Silence is Broken and we find out....
3. 2 Mosques
4. The Great Mosque
5. Minerat

back of board - Descriptions of how this effects us today and how this structure connects foundations to reverberations

Sources: Ching and military information website (included on board)

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  1. strive for greater craft and more cohesive design as you bring this board to fruition. what other means of representation might you explore beyond cutting small squares of paper out and pasting them on the board. watch craft + precision.