Tuesday, February 8, 2011

3 Precedents in reflecting towards dining together day

Dining Space:

In thinking of a dining space, where often more is thought about than just food and eating, the Biltmore Estate Dining room/banquet hall came to mind. This dining room was designed and used back in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Back then people focused more on socializing and personal interactions at the dining room. It is the one place everyone can come together at one time.

This dining room measures 72 feet long and 42 feet wide. It also has a 70 foot high barrel faulted ceiling which shows off the architectural elements it possesses. The room includes an oak dining table with 64 chairs and two gilt trim throne chairs at the ends, a triple fireplace, bookshelves, arched windows, wall carvings, sculptures of knights, dead animals, chandeliers, and organ pipes.

Biltmore Estate Dining Room - Asheville, NC

Public Ritual Space:

In thinking of public ritual spaces, the first space that came to mind was St. Peter's Cathedral in New York. In visiting this location a few years back it was evident that this was the most public ritual space. What makes this ritual space so public is that it is open to the public all throughout the week, not just for its services. Often tourist in New York will come and tour the cathedral, or come to pray or give up an offering. The dim lite space is made into a glowing atmosphere from the stained glass windows and the candles placed throughout the space. The candles are lite when one wants to make a donation in honor of someone or a prayer for someone. The gothic architecture also makes this space so grand and magnificent.

St. Peters Cathedral - New York City

Social Space:

Social spaces are practically everywhere that is public, or away from the home. Though a house can be a social space or have a social space in it. For the social space I chose I decided to choose two locations. Both locations are found outside, because to me, being outside in prominent locations, one receives the most social interactions. These two locations are found in typical warm climate, palm trees, and places that have emphasis on lighting. For hawaii, its the sun, and for Las Vegas its the lights at night that make the locations so social and spectacular.

Waikiki Beach - Hawaii

Town Square- Las Vegas

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