Monday, December 6, 2010

Personal Reflection of Design Visualization

Throughout the semester I learned an enormous amount about drafting, drawing, and layout of compositions. At the start, I will have to admit, it was a bit overwhelming. I wasn't sure how I would do, but I kept motivating myself and telling myself to do my best and that I could do it. Lettering was a challenge and was very frustrating at times, but looking back I feel like it was a good starting point for this major and this course. It taught me how deal with pressure, stress, and to manage my time. I also learned that small details really do matter and are extremely important.

As moving along from project to project, there were a few that I think were successful. My favorite drawing was my selected object orthographics. For this project, we were allowed to pick any object from our room and were to construct top, front, and side view orthographics of it. I chose to draw a hair clip. I knew this object would be challenging and take extra time and effort, but I felt it was necessary to learn and improve as a drafting student. Multiple drawings were done until the final was made. Looking back at this project I feel a sense of achievement and pride in knowing that the time, effort, and struggles paid off.

Another project that I enjoyed learning about was perspectives. Learning perspectives and there detail was challenging, but it was worth it. I think I enjoy doing perspectives so much because it is actually looking at something that vanishes. Section cut out perspectives were my favorite because you can actually see inside of a space. I am looking forward to placing objects within the spaces and scale figures. We got to do a little of this with placing two boxes inside of a section perspective as well as a scale figure.

I am glad I was able to go through this class and feel that I am learning and improving in drafting. I think this class has prepared me for class next semester, next year, and the future in my career ahead.

Below is a picture of my most successful and fulfilling project this semester.

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