Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Luminare Project

As approaching the end of first semester, we were assigned a task of making a luminare that reflected the light phenomenon we research and found in the previous project. My light phenomenon was how light changes throughout the day based of the angles and movement of the sun. In studying this process I took a series of photos of a road going through trees. While taking the photos, I realized that the light changed into three different tones of color. The morning cast a blue tone, midday cast a white tone (but under the trees it appears green because the white light allows the color to reflect out), and in the afternoon an orange cast is shown. By learning so much about these tones of color and how the angles of the sun changes, I wanted to make my luminare interactive so others could learn from it and engage with my light phenomenon. I also wanted to use the three colors blue, green, and orange. In thinking about the sun being a continual cycle of night and day, I decided to have my lights show this by having them be "never-ending" and continue as far as one could see. Below is the process of my development of this luminare and the final product. I hope you learn from it and feel the "never-ending" effect. Enjoy!
P.S.- You may want to look back at previous post of my light phenomenon as well as my first sketch model/inspiration for this interactive luminare project. Below are two pictures of the first sketch model and a picture strip of my light phenomenon.

second model of luminare project process

Inside of luminare showing the set up of lights through reflection of mirror

side angle in daylight showing lights and mirrors

reflection of lights on mirror

After looking and experimenting with models and materials I begin to construct my final product.

Outside of final

The inside of the box... my light effect.

looking in a corner

looking sideways

looking down

the lights

The crack at the top of the box to catch ones attention. It also shows the colors of light.

The box can also be opened for more interaction. One can move the door to different angles to achieve
different effects of the light on the wall. The reflection of lights off the mirror blends the colors
together making a "rainbow/aurora"effect.

 Process of drawing ideas

final drawing to scale using  3/16" = 1' Scale

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