Saturday, March 19, 2011

Narrative for Dining Space

Starting in the year 2011, the United Nations started the foundation and beginning steps to create a new holiday in hopes to eradicate world hunger and bring back the formal dining room. They felt necessary to hold this holiday not once, but twice a year on the days of the winter and summer solstice. In planning this new holiday concerns began to arise in the fact that in some continents around the world, people do not have food or the money to buy food. So in thinking of ways they (United Nations) as well as the government could help give equal opportunity for all to celebrate and actually eradicate world hunger they came up with some rules. In the holiday declaration agreement, the UN and the governments within each continent will provide the basic foods necessary for preparing one dish, to a given extent of pricing. They will have the money and means to do so from funding through donations, taxes, and fundraisers held. On top of this generous food giving, each continents main government will create a unique table to represent the continent in which they live. These newly designed tables are then manufactured and sold at an extremely low price to the people that live in that continent. This holiday is one that must be shared and spent with someone in a different continent. Every year the continent changes, so that every continent will be able to have a new experience each year. For a given year, each household in each continent will be electronically matched with a household of the other. Two weeks before national together day, each family will receive the contact information of the other family. Within a week each family must prepare a written dinner plan with recipes and instructions (with attached pictures of food outcome) for the opposing family. These must be sent to each family. Each family will then go and purchase the ingredients (which if the continent doesn’t normally have the ingredient, the governments have shipped ingredients to each other and now have at temporary holiday stores). Each family/household has a week to learn and practice the recipes. On the final day of the holiday the families will cook the other family’s dishes as well as the recipes they gave to them. That way the night of the dinner, both families have all the same food. Using a Global World Translator device, each family will then sit down and enjoy an afternoon of food and fellowship with each family.
For winter solstice festivities begin on GWT at 430 pm EST
For summer solstice festivities begin on GWT at 700 pm EST
The whole celebration/festivity will last 2.5 hours of dining. After that extra time with family on GWT is optional.
As a graduate of UNCG IAR, I am not only an interior architect having the privilege to design someone’s dining space, but also have had the privilege in designing the table for our continent.
The current dining room I am designing has a unique underfloor wall system which holds a 50” GWT device. There is a full wall window with no panes, etc. and the sidebar is moved from the room when the underfloor wall is up. To show the importance of certain places within the dining room I will use texture on some of the walls and ceiling. Above the sideboard there will be a bulletin board with each food item labeled, the recipes, and the way the food is pronounced in the other continent. Another wall hanging will be present in the dining room which will show a map of the world with the two continents highlighted, and before the food festivities begin, will show a slideshow of the joining continent. For seating I will have a round- loop around chair that is upholstered and comfortable. The table itself has yet to be fully determined in material choice, but will have a U-shape. Inside the U will be a small rotatable round robot. This robot will fill drinks and provide second servings if one wants more food. The flooring of the space will be dark cherry flooring bringing emphasis to the lighter materials in the room.
Another option is having no whole wall window but instead having no windows but only up to where light can peer inside.
Pictures of pondering ideas:
Ceiling space and dividing space

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