Wednesday, March 9, 2011

IAR 221- Blog Post #8- Architectural History Nautilus

For my nautilus shell, I chose to focus on the five main time periods we have discussed as a class. To connect these time periods together I added the inner nautilus of basic "structures" that help connect the outer nautilus. Through looking at objects, spaces, buildings, places, as well as groves, stacks, circles, axis, etc. we can see how these times periods relate to one another. Whether the periods following accept and use or reject the previous rules of the other time period we can see how they build upon each other. It is because of this building upon each other that we have the modern day designs we do today. By looking at the nautilus shell we can see how design today has some things they did years ago. 

Thanks to Google images, Microsoft power point, Roth, and Ching

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  1. Hi Ashley

    You may like this, it looks at the design of Stonehenge: