Friday, October 29, 2010

Solar Temporality

What is a light phenomenon? Is it a sunset, light flickering through the trees, or the way the sun changes lighting throughout the day? For this project, one had to determine what a light phenomenon was. For me it was looking what the source of light; the sun. I took a little of a scientific approach, but I feel it is necessary because it will help me become a more knowledgeable interior architect. I have discovered that in looking at the scientific solar facts, like the angle of the sun in a given day and time, I will be able to know exactly how the light of the sun can affect a building or room I create. Below is the process of thinking that I took and the light phenomenon I found. I hope you enjoy!

Parti Board of Ideas and phenomenon

The angles and distances of the sun to a central point


Information of time/date/altitude/and azimuth of my exact location of pictures


Series of pictures

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