Tuesday, September 28, 2010

12 Twigs project- Studio 101

For this assignment I had to pick 12 twigs and make a container, sanctuary, compartment for the twig; or perhaps it is better explained as giving 12 twigs a place.
In thinking of which twig I would decide to use, pine needles came to mind. Though some may argue that pine needles are in fact a leaf, I say that they are twigs. I consider them twigs because of their flimsy character and because of their small size. I was drawn to the pine needle also because it is three little "sticks" connected together at one end to make it one. Because of this unique figure I was able to have the project look as if more twigs were used, when in fact it was really only twelve.
According to Stoel I can make numbers go from 0 to 1 to 3, but I think I made my magic skills work.
Hope you enjoy and feel free to post letting me know if this project was a success to you. 

Parti board display of initial ideas

Idea to use and incorporate thread to compliment twigs.
Braiding the thread to make it three in one like the twig.

Below is the first model in designing process:

Second idea in design process:

Idea was to combine the twigs together and have them hang by fishing string.

Third Idea:
was to reincorporate the green leaf twig and add a transparent box to "enclose and preserve" the attachable ends. I would still have the twigs hanging by fishing string and it would be braided.

The final Idea was to simplify the model by removing the green leaf twig. This allowed more emphasis on the pine needles and the unique shape they formed. I also decided to make the box covering a half sphere with a more textured, but still transparent paper. The last correction or change I made was to not braid the fishing string. This allowed for the fishing string to be more invisible and so the models plays a trick on gravity.



  1. Ashley is the best designer in the studio! She is my roommate I would know! She is up at crazy hours of the night and working her butt of to create all these unique beautiful pieces! Go ASHLEY!

  2. Work Work Work all day long! Ashleys in the studio AGAIN on a friday night! But I cant say much I'm at home working on homework! what a bunch of nerds we are! Movie and Cookie time soon